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#9883, 10256, 10306, 10466 When you mark off a medication as given and is NOT billed for (red triangle), EMR doesn't take that "No Billing" flag into consideration and bills it anyways onto the patient's invoice

Steps to reproduce:

  1. Mark a medication as NOT billed (make triangle red) (see screenshot #1).
  2. Mark a medication as given (see screenshot #2).
  3. Check this patient's invoice in EMR (EvetPractive, RxWorks).

Actual result:  EMR  (EvetPractice, RxWorks) doesn't take that "No Billing" flag into consideration and bills it anyways onto the patient's file/invoice  (see screenshot #3, see the video in attachment). This is how we get incorrect patient bills.

Expected result:  EMR  (EvetPractice, RxWorks)  does take that "No Billing" flag into consideration.

Workaround:  The workaround for this situation is either, in the back end settings, turn off the billing for ALL medications so that it doesn't even send information over to eVet - which defeats the purpose - or to make sure you only use the "Gave Medication" parameter you guys have created for your boarding patients. You could, as well, make another parameter called "O - Tramadol" or "O - Cephalexin" to indicate it is an owner medication and don't link it to any eVet inventory item. It essentially functions the same as the "Gave Medication" parameter where it doesn't send any information over to eVet, but gives you a bit more information on the drug itself.


Customer impact: 

Affects all the clinics (which connected to EvetPractive or RxWorks).

  • Linda DeVincenzi
  • Aug 9 2018
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  • Linda DeVincenzi commented
    August 09, 2018 17:34

    the same issue #10466: