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Both identifier numbers should be displayed on the Flowsheet (which come from the EMR: 1)"fileNumber" and 2)"patientId")

Steps to reproduce:

1.  Send to Smarflow from EMR (e.g. SPECVET) "hospitalization.created" object (e.g. with properties/values "patientId": "310346" and "fileNumber": "208423").

2.  Visit Flowsheet (of this hospitalization).

3.  Try to find "fileNumber" identifier number and "patientId" identifier number (from "hospitalization.created" object).

Actual result:  

Smarflow displays only one of these identifiers (in this case, 310346 is displayed, but 208423 is not displayed).

Expected result:

It would be useful for the clinic to see both of these identifier numbers.


The user can enter this number (208423) manually.

Customer impact: 

Affects (probably) all the clinics which connected to EMRs (e.g. SPECVET).

Useful information: 

There are ideas from users:

 "the Custom line for the Visit number would be ideal.  OR use the Visit number in place of the Patient File number, however it is useful to have both. "
"If there is not enough room to add a separate line for the Visit ID then the Custom field would work for us to display the Visit ID. Or replace the Custon Field with one that is labeledf Visit ID."
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  • Aug 16 2018
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