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#10782, 10662, 11063 Parameters spontaneously changing to "OFF" for "in Cubex" (investigation)

Steps to reproduce:

1. Set settings for clinic (see screenshot #1), which integrated with EzyVet and connected to Cubex.

2. Set "ON" for switcher in "Cubex" section for "Cefazolin" parameter (mapped from EzyVet): 

3.Call /api/v3/medicationplanning request for "Cefazolin" parameter (so, it seems this is a BUG: /api/v3/medicationplanning request   changed to "OFF" for  Cubex for this parameter).

4. Check  switcher in "Cubex" section.

Actual result:  

Parameter that was previously set to "ON" for in Cubex but was found in "OFF" position 

Expected result:

Parameter that was previously set to "ON" for in Cubex was found in "ON" position 


For some reason, if the parameter that has "billing in Cubex" set to "On" is modified on the patient flowsheet (e.g. dose, frequency, concentration changed) from the iPad, it reverts the setting "In Cubex" back to "Off" for an unknown reason. We are currently investigating it and will implement a fix in the nearest future. Temporarily all the parameters that have billing in Cubex set to "On" should be modified on the flowsheet ONLY from the web (i.e.from PC).

Customer impact: 

"It happens to at least 2-3 in hosp patients per day.  Random though, no rhyme or reason."

"This very frustrating to say the least. "

"This statement is bothersome to me because with us I know it was not user error. The parameters spontaneously changed to "OFF" for us. I do not know how to test this for you."

Useful information:

  • Sergei Novikov
  • Sep 7 2018
  • Released
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  • Guest commented
    September 26, 2018 10:05

    This issue gonna be fixed in 2.6.0 release.

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