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Pull info. from practice management software (Neo in our case) to pre-fill form fields

When we generate a form in Neo, it pulls info. from the patient's record to populate the fields.  However, these forms aren't very flexible for gathering multiple information points.  SmartFlow forms are VERY versatile, but the owner has to fill in each item, even if we already have this information in Neo.  Would it be possible to have a hybrid form where the signalment is pulled from Neo and then the O can fill in some blanks and sign.  The example I'm thinking of is our drop-off form.  So the client and patient info. would be pre-filled and then the owner would be able to fill in any meds the patient is on, the dollar amount we can go up to before seeking approval from them, the phone number they'll be at that day, and sign.  We have a fair amount of informational text on this form that we have the client read before signing as well.  

Thank you!

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  • Sep 28 2018
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