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#10827, 10045 The user has the impression that the error message is shown (info-messages must not create a misleading impression) (Feature Request)

Steps to reproduce:

1.Start to create Anesthetic Sheet.

Actual result: 
The user has the impression that this is an error message (see below).
This pop-up window renders every time when clinic start to create Anesthetic Sheet:

It seems it's not the best UX (user experience) decision to show this window.


Expected result:

The user has no the impression that this is an error message.


Let the user know that this is an expected behaviour, the solution is to manually tap  "Create New" or "Cancel".


Customer impact: 

There's the message from our CSM:

"Thu Sep 6 at 2:48am

They used paper today cuz they thought it was that anesthesia warning that comes up - we really need that to be different it freaks everyone out even after you explain it

For the love that is all holy don’t be another anesthesia bug - I have too many clinics still ticked over the last one!"

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  • Oct 2 2018
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