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Anaesthetic Records View

Anaesthetic Records now contain only the pre anaesthetic info and the notes and photos we take during the procedure. They used to come up with a blow-by-blow record, which was long and cumbersome, but full of all our information. 

For example, when we add Glycopyrrolate to our anaesthetic charts, it shows up along the side as "Glycopyrrolate Injectio" (as there is not enough room). So the dose we have given is lost. Sometimes, we give doses of Glyco and Atropine at 0.005mg/kg and it shows up along the side as 0.01mg/kg. We can then click on the medication again and it shows up with the 0.005 dose, but it's not on the actual chart, and again, that info is lost once we finalise the chart. The records used to show all of this.

Can we have that back?

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  • Nov 11 2017
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    Ben Nitschke commented
    November 28, 2017 14:28

    This change came along after firm recommendation from the University of Guelph. We are open to discussion how you want to see this. This idea is moved to In Consideration status and will sit idle until next release planning in February 2018.