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#12272 Authorizing form appears all the time for unknown reasons (QA-research)

Steps to reproduce:

1.  Try to work on your SF-interface (see video attached).

Actual result:  

Authorizing form appears all the time for unknown reasons  (see video attached). 

(it looks like it's not completely logged out as one can see the patients’ list at its back side, but authorizing form appears here.)

Expected result:

Authorizing form does not  appear.

Customer impact: 

Affects (probably) 1 clinic.

Useful information:

*This started when this clinic upgraded the smart flow app (5 Nov 2018).

*IPads logging for this clinic enabled (Tue, 13 Nov 2018 at 7:37 PM).

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  • Nov 20 2018
  • In Development
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