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Downloading flow sheet, medical records etc. (download only certain dates)

We performing all of our charging in 24hr blocks (except for ICU patients which are 12hr blocks) and so like to connect our flow sheet, medical records, inventory and tech notes for every 24 hours to the applicable invoice within our EMR. At the moment there is no way to download and attach some of these files as single day flowsheet, medical records etc.
We would love it if you were able to make it possible to specify a specific time period from which you would like the flowsheet, medical records etc. downloaded.
An example would be for one of ICU patients which has been with us for over a month and as such has very large compendium of SFS documents and lots of invoices. Our inability to attach separate flow sheets to her invoices means we end up with the older flow sheets attached to every invoice from day dot till whenever she gets discharged.
I hope what I'm saying is makes sense.

As a side note we do not allow SFS to send the billing or medical records back into our EMR automatically as it was creating a huge mess when it came to charging and making sense of what treatments had been done with the patient.
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  • Nov 11 2017
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