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Anaesthetic sheet (Comments visible in AS record)

We are now using our anaesthetic sheet but like to record detailed notes whilst in theatre. We have been writing these in the comments section on the pre-operative page, but are finding that the comments are not included in the PDF produced when the anaesthetic sheet is finalised. What is the way to work around this/Can this be included in the finalised report?

We also give some of our premedications quite a while before inducing the surgery which means that we end up with quite a few empty anaesthetic chart pages when our PDF is produced. Can there be a way for the finalised PDF to only include anaesthetic sheets which have treatments/monitorings on them?

One of the other nurses also found that when she was in a surgery that was quite long, that she was unable to scroll back on the anaesthetic sheet to see her charting which had moved off the viewable portion of the sheet. Can we please have the anaesthetic sheet scrollable like the whiteboard?
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  • Nov 11 2017
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