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Daily weight changes

This feature request is following on from the "Dose Calcs Fluid Rates CRIs Oh My' webinar with the mention of drug doses not automatically updating for weight changes.
How about when you add a 24 hours for the patient a window pops up that asks if you would like to re-weight the patient with a selection of yes or no. If no, the current pop up window of copy current sheet/template will appear and then proceed as normal.
If yes a number wheel will appear for the new weight to be entered. Once the weight has been entered the copy current sheet/template window will appear and if copy current sheet is selected another window will appear which asks whether you would like the current medications and fluids to be re-calculated for the new weight. If having all current medication and fluids updated is not viable maybe have a way to select the ones that you would like updated.
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  • Nov 11 2017
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