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Decimals on line item

Hello, we are running into an issue when trying to use doses that are lower than 0.01 mg/kg. The current functionality shows only 2 digits after the decimal delimiter, and rounds it up otherwise on the line item which could lead to significant overdoses.

For example: a 0.005mg/kg dose of buprenorphine, though calculated correctly in the calculator in mLs, is rounded to 0.01mg/kg on the line item which is obvisouly a problem.

I understand that I can simply put it in micrograms, and adjust the drug concentration to micrograms, but this means going back and forth between conversions for staff members and as this is a drug we use a lot in the mg/mL or mg/kg, it is not ideal.

Would it be possible to show up to 3 digits after the decimal delimiter?

Thank you! Alison
  • Ali Foucault
  • Nov 11 2017
  • Open For Voting
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