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Stop smart flow partner ads pop up

It is difficult to monitor the flowsheets of the patients when a sudden a bunch of smart flow partner ads pop up

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  • Dec 1 2018
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  • Olena Kasyanenko commented
    25 Jan 14:35

    Ticket #13467,  Animal Clinic Northview

  • Jennifer Lesko commented
    25 Jan 20:12

    This is taking away from patient care and efficiency having to close and reload the screen multiple times in order to view the flowhseet.

  • Guest commented
    25 Jan 20:15

    It is time consuming and inefficient for our staff to have to close an IDEXX ad 3 or sometimes 4 times before being able to access a patient's flowsheet.  It just makes the staff angry, and, if anything, reflects negatively upon IDEXX.  Please remove this change to our software.

  • Olena Kasyanenko commented
    27 Jan 16:02

    The same issue is raised in ticket 13484. Emergency Animal Hospital