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Drop down menus (add tech on duty)

Right now we utilize the telephone number for the Tech name, Alternate telephone number for the Dr. Name- just so these can show up on the whiteboard- this is vitally important for us. It would be very helpful if these fields could be renamed or added. And ideally, be able to change the names by a dropdown menu directly from the whiteboard. Right now we have to click on the patient, then edit the patient and type in the names on every shift change! It's a lot of steps when it could be done just from the whiteboard......
Also it would be great to have the room number/cage number (we use the cage number for the room number, location of the patient at all times) - to be able to change this by a drop down menu from the white board as well- would be idea! And greatly time saving as the patient moves from exam room to treatment to x-ray to icu, etc......
  • Angela Thorp
  • Nov 11 2017
  • Open For Voting
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