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There's no a way on a Flowsheet to monitor vitals more frequently than every hour (e.g. if the clinic have a critical patient that requires monitoring and recording the vitals every 30 minutes) (feature request)

Steps to reproduce:

1.Try to find SF-option to monitor more frequently than every hour.

Actual result:
1.There's no such an option.

Expected result:
1.The user can have an option to change monitoring time frames (i.e. to monitor every 10 minutes, every 30 minutes, etc.).

1)For critical monitoring for more than once an hour, we recommend using the anesthetic sheet.

2) see

3)To use the "Siri" Apple function.
Once you have decided on what time you would like to have the treatments done at, you can assign an iPad for these procedures. Simply ask "Siri" to set a timer and notify you of any treatments that are due.
For example a blood glucose curve that needs to be drawn at 1:15pm, you will record in Smart Flow for 1:00pm. Once the treatment is completed you will then "ask Siri" to set another timer for when the next sample is due.

  • Sergei Novikov
  • Jan 11 2019
  • Future consideration - waiting for 10 votes
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