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What to enter in fluids

The fluids thing isn't making sense to us. We usually enter both the current fluid rate and the total volume infused (TVI) in the box under a given hour. We record it intermittently, say every 4 hours. I am not clear on what you intended us to enter under fluids. It seems to me you are looking for the current rate since when we do a bolus, it puts the bolus rate into the box.

Next, we invoice for fluids in 24 hour blocks. But on the invoice pdf it shows the number of times we entered a number under fluids. One work-around we thought of was to have a line for fluids/24hrs - as an invoicing item once every 24 hours. Then underneath having aline for the currebt fluid rate and another line for TVI. That's a lot of lines.
  • David Bessler
  • Nov 11 2017
  • Released
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