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#12899 When the client changes a template to "SX - BCA post Op" it changes the template on the first flowsheet properly, but on the second flowsheet a few fluids disappear

Device: DeskTop

Steps to reproduce:

  1. Create a patient with 2 pages of Flowsheet, chose "SX Procedure" template for this patient, visit Flowsheet of this patient.
  2. Change template, chose the "SX - BCA post Op" template (select start time of 10am on day 1).
  3. Check Fluids section of this patient (day 1), see video attached.
  4. Check Fluids section of this patient (day 2), see video attached.

Actual result:  

Day 1 (there are 8 items in Fluids section):

Day 2 (there are 5 items in Fluids section):


Expected result:

Day 1 (there are 8 items in Fluids section).

Day 2 (there are 8 items in Fluids section).

Useful info:

It seems  this happens when there are more than 5 fluid treatments in the fluid section in a template. I checked it with 4 fluid. A template is copied properly (but it needs to test again because I am not sure about my supposition).

It is reproduced on IPad (see note "Mon, 14 Jan 2019 at 5:23 PM" on )

1.Admit "SX Procedure" template for the patient:
2. There are no Fluids parameters in "Admit SX Procedure template " (Day 1). It's Ok
3. There are no Fluids parameters in "Admit SX Procedure template " (Day 2). It's Ok
4. Let's change template for this patient
5. Chose "SX - BCA post Op" template (select start time of 10am on day 1).
6. Chose Add or Replace:
7. There are 5 parameters on Day 1:
7. There are 5 parameters on Day 2:
*so, SF-app on IPad delete the same parameters, but the same parameters have different highlighting (yellow, brown). That is, the parameters must be rendered on this Flowsheet twice: with yellow and brown highlighting (e.g.  Cumulative parameter appear on iPad only once with brown highlighting, but has to be renderes twice: with yellow and brown highlighting, as it was set by the clinic in this template).
It has to be 8 parameters (see our DataBase) in this section on IPad with this highlighting:
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  • Jan 14 2019
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  • Sergei Novikov commented
    25 Jan 10:04

    There is the same issue:

    This clinic (using DeskTop) changed template to"SAGE Standard Template". --> There are different highlightings on page 2  of the Flowsheet (e.g. for "Monitoring section").
    There's description from this clinic:
    "1)This pet was admitted with at 2 day standard template and day one is correct but day 2 has nothing on it.
    It happens on other templates also, if tried to recreate it. But it only happens intermittently.
    I have seen this issue on Sage standard, oxygen and surgery templates. Day one is the template, resp effort, 02% and change baralyme were added to day  one, so on day 2 nothing from the monitoring section of the template transferred  over to day 2.
    2)The steps that were taken was patient was admitted with ER outpatient template (2days), then changed to a standard template, and the additional lines of O2%, resp effort and change baralyme were added. Then she transferred it from the ER board the the CCU board, and that's when I noticed the missing treatments. The ER nurse that did these step assured me these were all the actions that she took.
     All of this was done on the computer not the ipad."
  • Den Panasenko commented
    30 Jan 19:01

    Hi guys, we are having the same issue here as well: