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DNR vs ALS vs BLS on Whiteboard

We have enjoyed using the DNR banner feature
and have been using it for the past 2 weeks or so. We liked that those that did NOT have DNR selected, defaulted to nothing at all however we noticed that just this morning all non DNR patients defaulted to BLS. We presume that BLS stands for basic life support and ALS advanced. While we can appreciate where this feature is coming from, having the patients marked as either ALS or BLS does not benefit our hospital as it won't change our approach to how they are cared for (whereas DNR certainly does). Is it possible to go back to having all non DNR patients to show nothing or to at least have it as an option to turn on/off?
Thank you so much!
  • Eric Kancar
  • Nov 11 2017
  • Open For Voting
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  • Guest commented
    March 03, 2018 07:49

    Wish I had seen this when I posted an idea. Looks like we have a similar idea. Make a search for BLS and you will see these are the only two that come up. I will vote on this one and if you would please vote on the other so we might have this feature added. Thanks