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DIABETIC Patient/Blood Glucose/Insulin Treatment Prioritization ON WHITEBOARD

It would be incredibly helpful if there was a way that patients who have treatments that are time sensitive in that they must be done as close to when scheduled as possible to be flagged to draw attention to them ON THE WHITEBOARD (for example: diabetic pets needing a blood glucose, to be fed, and have insulin as close to the scheduled time as medically ideal).

Obviously on the patient's individual SFS you can change the color of the treatment box but it would be nice if certain types of treatments changed the whiteboard's treatment time box. Would have to have a way to flag certain treatment types in the setup for that treatment.

All weekend and today we have had over 30 hospitalized pets in the hospital. Sometimes these treatments get buried on the whiteboard and ideally it would be best to do them before any others.

As always, thanks!
  • Eric Kancar
  • Nov 11 2017
  • Open For Voting
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