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Timer Based Treatments for Time Sensitive Tests

For time sensitive tests (think Bile Acids pre/post prandial or ACTH stim test as examples) would it be possible to have treatments that are not scheduled to be due at the top of the hour but rather any other time needed?
For example: pet is having a pre and post bile acids test and the first sample is drawn, then the pet is fed let's say at 930am. The post prandial test will need to be drawn at 1130am. Obviously this is not a top of the hour time so choosing 11am or noon doesn't work and as such we have to set a timer somewhere in our ICU.

So would it be possible to tie these types of treatments into the ipad's innate timer so that you could choose any time frame you wanted? Even if started at 930am and you set the timer for 2 hours, when the clock changes from 1129am to 1130am it starts blinking as due. Flashing in a different color would also be a nice touch.
  • Eric Kancar
  • Nov 11 2017
  • Open For Voting
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