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#13485 When using the "Add 24 hours --> Copy" feature the new treatment sheet sometimes populates with treatments at the wrong time

Device: DeskTop, IPad (the same result)


1.Create new patient (this one was reproduced on patient hospitalizationGuid:a83a2418-4021-4544-a365-5b9443624c5e, SFS: see video )

2. Choose "Yay test" template (this happens on any template).

3. Add 2nd page of the Flowsheet (24h --> Copy).

4. Add  manually some highlightings between existing cells in this way on 2nd page (see screenshot below, marked by red):

5.Add 3rd page of the Flowsheet (24h --> Copy).
6. Add manually some highlightings for "Resp.rate" and "Resp.effort" on the right side of existing cells in this way (see screenshot below, marked by green):
7.Add 4th page of the Flowsheet (24h --> Copy).



Actual result:

Step 2. Choose "Yay test" template (it's Ok).

Step 3. Add 2nd page of the Flowsheet 24h --> Copy (it's Ok).



Step 4

There are new highlightings (manually added). It's Ok.

Step 5
There's a copy (manually added highlightings were not added, it's Ok)
Step 6
Step 7
There is a wrong order of highlighting on 4th page for "Resp.rate" and "Resp.effort"  (see screenshot below):
Expected result:
Step 7
There is a copy (of automatically added highlighting from 3rd page) on 4th page (see screenshot below):
this Bug won't appear if the user chooses the continue every 2h or any other qty using parameter settings (i.e. to add some new highlightings using parameter settings, see screenshot below).
But firstly user should choose another highlighting qty using parameter settings (do not tap the cells to add new highlightings)  and then can "Add 24h-->Copy" it as it should.



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  • Jan 28 2019
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