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#13513,13510 When the user changes template on a patient, it rearranges the order of parameters of what this user have set for this template


1. Create patient A (using template #1 on the Flowsheet).

2. Create patient B (using template #2 on the Flowsheet, which contains a few same parameters from template #1)

3. Change template for patient B  (using template #1 on the Flowsheet).

4. Compare the order of parameters for patient A  (this patient has template #1) and for patient B  (this patient has template #1 ).

Actual result:

Step 4

(On the left: Step 1. On the right: Step 3). There's the same parameters. But there's the different order of parameters.

The highlight scheme is the same of both pages (for instance, blue, purple, pink, green areas).
When changing a template (from #2 to #1), the order in which parameters appear on flowsheet on template #1, was set as the one the user followed when filling the flowsheet by template #2:
Expected result:
Step 4
There's the same order of parameters.
Useful info:
1) There's feedback from SF-clinic: "I have the templates set with the parameters in the order that I want.  I don't want to just set the new parameters below like it is doing. It is very confusing and out of order for us."
2) It seems this problem starts on Tue, 28 Jan 2019 (see note "Tue, 29 Jan 2019 at 8:14 PM"  on, this clinic states  "Starting today, we have noticed that when we change templates on a patient, it rearranges the order of what we have set. ").
3) There's the same problem on (this clinic uses asterisks as a dividing line for the logic blocks of parameters' groups  -- > they need their own order of parameters):
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  • Feb 1 2019
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  • Juliana Kryshynets commented
    05 Feb 22:55

    Ticket 13661 the same issue

  • Olena Kasyanenko commented
    05 Feb 23:31

    The same issue raised in ticket 13661

  • Dimitri Chorny commented
    25 Feb 08:37


  • Admin
    Ben Nitschke commented
    01 Mar 15:45

    Many clinics use subdividers to clearly indiccate to their staff how or when to give medications for example. This hospital would use "Fluid Additives" to be sure it is clear this medication should NOT be given straight to the patient!

  • Nicole Kamenskaya commented
    04 Mar 01:02


  • Lee Blomfield commented
    04 Mar 01:08

    Having the same issue

  • Vitaliy commented
    05 Apr 20:43