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Shutting Off Fluid Calculations


We have had a feature request from Onatio Vetirinary College that they would like the option to shut off fluid calculation for a few reasons.

1. That this is a teaching hospital and they would like students to be able to calculate fluid rate without knowing the answer from SmartFlow, as they don't want to have them rely on SmartFlow (Given that post graduation they might not have access to it)

2. The fluid calculator is for crystalloids only, and therefore cannot (and shouldn't) be used for colloids, saline blood products, etc

3. Bolus calculations are not the same calculations as what they use, especially for not crystalloid solutions and for cardio patients


(This idea has been imported from an old forum post)


This comes from Liz Jones of Guardian Veterinary Specialists:


My new criticalist is desperate to have this turned off and I know it was something that was in the works....any chance that option is available yet? She would really like them to calculate the rate by mls/kg/hour and I'm hoping we can make this happen!



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  • Feb 7 2019
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  • Lisa Squeo commented
    23 Feb 22:07

    This would be so helpful!