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#13589 Some of clinic's patient's treatments did not sync once the power (i.e.Internet connection) came back on


1. Create some patients.

2. Disconnect Internet connection for 10hours (you can have this one because of 10 hour power outage).

3. Add info on your Flowsheet regarding some treatments on IPads (treatments marked at 3pm - 10pm 1/31/2019, sfs:

4. Try to find this treatments once the power/Internet access came back.


Actual result:

Some of clinic's patient's treatments did not sync once the power (i.e.Internet connection) came back on.

This issue was identified for Jasmine Martinez (hospitalizationGuid:41adc021-f491-45e7-9925-2a8217e4425f ), Alice Gould (hospitalizationGuid: c25698c2-7092-4cc2-9191-cf3be162a48c ) and Snickers Barton (hospitalizationGuid: ffeaafc3-432b-4c78-ba15-dab60a756c76 ).The completed treatments of these 3 patients were not still synchronized

These "disappeared" treatments were marked at 3pm - 10pm 1/31/2019 (GMT-8 Timezone).

Clinic cannot find these "disappeared" treatments both from the iPad and on the Desktop in 24hours.

The clinic is sure they were completed on different iPads

There's info from the clinic: "I have checked all the iPads in the hospital to see which one their txs were on, and none of them show txs were completed for these patients. I was here, and watched their txs being done, so I'm 100% sure they were completed. All other patient's txs sync'd immediately once the power came back. "


Expected result:

Patient's treatments did sync (i.e.Internet connection) once the power came back on.


Useful info:



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  • Feb 12 2019
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