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#14287 When a user change a template to the same template --> doses for 10 Cerenia Inj resets to the value that was saved to the selected template previously (so, there's the same dose for any weight)

Device: DeskTop

Steps to reproduce:

1. Create a patient using any template with treatment 10 Cerenia Inj
2. Set a weight 15 kg for a patient
3. Set a dose to Cerenia Inj 1mg/kg
4. Make sure the total dose is 1.5 ml according to the patient weight - 15 kg and set a dose for Cerenia Inj 1mg/kg.
5. Save as a template, "test2"
6. Change patient weight to 20 kg and check new the total dose for 10 Cerenia Inj.
7. Change template again to template "test2"
8. Check the dosage for Cerenia Inj

9. Change patient weight to 20.1 kg for a patient and check new the total dose for 10 Cerenia Inj.

Actual result:

Step 4

The dosage for Cerenia Inj: 1.5 ml

Step 6

The dosage for Cerenia Inj: 2ml

Step 8
The dosage for Cerenia inj became 1.5ml

Step 9

The dosage for Cerenia inj became 2.01ml

Expected result:

Step 8
The dosage for Cerenia Inj should be 2ml according the patient weight (20 kg)

Useful info:


Customer impact:
The problem may be that when the patient has a small weight and the dose in the template has been preserved at least from 2 ml and if you use such a template on the patient’s flowsheet, the dose will be too much for this patient and in this case it is a big risk to harm patients health.
Doses are seriously problematic in treating patient to be administered with drugs added as we may be giving at fractions of maintenance.

  • Vitaliy
  • Mar 15 2019
  • In Development
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