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#14246, 13474 Sometimes, a crash happens during Anesthesia (the system logs out a user and shows him an authorization form on the back of most recently used Whiteboard); after a new login, the part of previously entered data is gone


1. Start the Anesthesia
2. Start filling out premed section, add premedications (e.g. Dexmedetomidine and Butorphanol)
3. Start adding treatments during Anesthesia
4. Start adding tasks during Anesthesia
5. In case of the crash, try to log into Anesthesia once again, entering your login on the authorization form and check whether previously entered data on this exact Anesthesia are present

Actual result:
Step 2
Sometimes, the crash of Anesthesia happens on this stage. For example, after a certain period of Doctor's inactivity on patient Olive Stephenson's Anesthesia (HospGUID: c677604c-241a-412b-a577-3e1deda9ad08), an iPad error popped up, saying that it had lost internet connection. She got a new iPad and when she opened up the anesthesia sheet, her premedications were not marked as administered so she had to remark them, hence the time stamp of 11:38 am.

Step 3
Sometimes, the crash of Anesthesia happens on this stage. It was on the patient Livy Alexander (HospGUID: f1f56946-59b5-47f1-b3dd-824da9d18a2d). She added Acepromazine to her anesthetic sheet around 10:30 am, she turned to asses her patient and when she turned back to her iPad, her anesthetic sheet was logged out. She had to close out of Smart Flow and then reopen it, and when she did the Acepromazine was no longer on her flowsheet.

Step 4
The crash of Anesthesia may happen on this stage as well. It happened for another patient, Bandit Booth (HospGUID: 69bab608-bf2b-4782-90f2-37113c5a4a55). This occurred on 3/12 around 1:05 pm. The error message ("your request has timed out") was displayed, and then it kicked back to the whiteboard. The user was logged out and could see such an authorization form (please check the screenshot below):

When the anesthetic sheet was reopened on the same iPad, her premedication drugs Dexdomitor and Butorphanol where reset as not having been administered and the workflow "sedation given" had reset to not being marked off. In each case, the error message is displayed, it goes back to the whiteboard, and when the anesthesia sheet is pulled up, any recent drugs administered or workflows checked off have been reset.

Step 5
In order to get back to work on the Anesthesia, the user has to log in once again. After that he can see that premdication drugs (Dexdomitor and Butorphanol) (HospGUID: 69bab608-bf2b-4782-90f2-37113c5a4a55) and information about premdication drugs (HospGUID: c677604c-241a-412b-a577-3e1deda9ad08) are lost, tasks (e.g the workflow "sedation given") had reset to not being marked off (HospGUID: 69bab608-bf2b-4782-90f2-37113c5a4a55); information about completed treatments is lost (HospGUID: 69bab608-bf2b-4782-90f2-37113c5a4a55); information about Acepromazine to her anesthetic sheet, entered about 10:30 am is lost as well (HospGUID: f1f56946-59b5-47f1-b3dd-824da9d18a2d);
So, the application crashes, then the data entered on the Anesthetic sheet cannot be saved.

Expected result:
A user expects that all the information entered in Premed and Induction sections, as well as tasks and information about treatments are saved and a user can perform Anesthesia as usual.

Customer Impact:
Users are worried ("this is an almost daily issue and is causing a lot of frustration with the staff. Especially in more critical anesthetic cases when they are trying to enter notes on the case and properly document anesthetic trends and drug administration and then have to wait for the ipad to reopen the anesthetic page and try to sync. And since it went off line, they then loss data and have to enter the info").

Useful info:
Report from IPad: March 12th, 3.34 PM (see
The same issues (but described in less details) were also raised in this ticket:

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  • Mar 18 2019
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  • Vitaliy commented
    21 Mar 15:29

    Ticket #14397

    We received another report from this clinic two days ago

    They experienced the same issue again.

    The clinic informed that "the smart flow app closed out completely right in the middle of monitoring anesthesia"

  • Vitaliy commented
    21 Mar 17:12

    Ticket #14441

    There is a separate ticket from a different clinic with the same issue. They informed that they are losing connection in the anesthetic sheet 3 times

  • Vitaliy commented
    21 Mar 20:34

    # 14446 

    I was able to reproduce the issue. I was on the anesthetic sheet which was already started, then I turned OFF Wi-Fi and it kicked me out of the AS to the whiteboard and the pop-up window for entering login and password appeared. I went back and all data were there and nothing erased.

  • Admin
    Smart Flow Team commented
    25 Mar 17:12

    Ticket #14438

    We have just received a third report from the same clinic that Smart flow keeps logging out. You can find attached a screenshot and a bug report from affected iPad 

  • Olena Kasyanenko commented
    17 Apr 21:53