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Ability to sort patients by a different criteria on each whiteboard.

This is the current option: Any changes made using the Sorting Option, both from the iPad and web, will be applied to all devices with the same SFS account. This means that if you choose, eg. 'Doctor on Duty' on one of your clinic's iPad all your patients will be sorted by the doctor on duty on all devices simultaneously. Therefore, if you use the same SFS account on different devices, please be careful when using this option, as it may affect other users.  

IDEA:  The option to set each whiteboard to sort in the way that works best for that team using it, eg: Surgery whiteboard set to search by 'Custom' field' while Oncology whiteboard is set to sort by 'Doctor on Duty'.  Each department in a big referral hospital functions in a unique way so they should be able to organize the workflow of their day on their whiteboard.  If staff selects to view multiple whiteboards use the sort of the first one listed.  If staff selects to view all whiteboards default option remain for custom.  





  • Alissa Shively
  • Mar 27 2019
  • Open For Voting
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