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#14652 Not able to open archived/discharged patients records

Steps to reproduce:


1. Go to Archive

2. chose one of discharged patient 

2. click on the download icon


Actual result: It does not load/open pop-up window to choose the desired pdf report

Reproduced video:

Similar issue:


Expected result: once clicking on the download icon it should opens



1. For Archived patient  - Restore a patient and download all reports being currently on the patient flowsheet. At the bottom of the page, you can download all reports separately one by one and then discharge the patient again.

2. For discharged patient - go to the Archive, click F5 to refresh the page and then click on the download icon. It should open as expected. Then it allows to download any report separately or all of them at once

  • Vitaliy
  • Apr 4 2019
  • In Development
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  • Dimitri Chorny commented
    04 Apr 14:31

    #14649 - same issue

  • Olena Kasyanenko commented
    05 Apr 12:44

    #14710 - Animal Health Trust the same issue

  • Nik Petruk commented
    06 Apr 18:49

    #14726 - VCA Valley Oak

  • Sergiy Chorniy commented
    08 Apr 19:22