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Frequency within cells

Dear SF Dev, 

I have had a number of clinics who give medications specifically in intervals of 15mins, 30 mins etc. As the cells in the flow sheet only allow for treatments on the hour is it possible to have treatments identified at these other times?

An example of this is frusemide which in patients with cardiac disease can be given more frequently than hrly depending on the respiration of the patient. 

The clinic may give this several times and want to bill for these and from a medical record standpoint need to have this identified.

The work arounds provided such as adding a note does not allow for billing and the work around for not billing is marking off the treatment in the hour preceding or prior to the actual treatment to capture the billing trigger.


Please ask for more details on this.


Kind regards, Phil


  • Phil Vidins
  • Apr 10 2019
  • Future consideration - waiting for 10 votes
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