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# 16796 Frequent cases of creating a duplicate flowsheet


1. Create a patient (happened on patients: HospGUID 096fea89-4814-429b-8b68-9fe4d11e7973, HospGUID 3b0c4aa0-60fe-48d2-a0ca-9b478c0df56a)

2. Add 24 hours on ipad using Add->Copy

3. Check the number of flowsheets

Actual result: 

There are two flowsheets with the same date.

The user confirm that there was only one user who added 24 hours and no one else did not add 24 hours from different iPad at the same time. The clinient confirm they did not receive the message "Error: Duplicate Smart Flow Sheet was created ..." on the iPad.

Expected result:

This flowsheet created with the correct date.

Useful info:

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  • Apr 30 2019
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