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Printing feature investigation

The issue comes from the ticket:

The client asks for support to connect two Printers(AirPrint).

So, We helped with the configuration.

However, the client still has the issue with printing through Smartflow app.

 Printer Lexmark MX710 work well as from iOs(Email box) as from Smartflow app.
 Printer Sharp MX-2640N work well from iOs(Email box) but from Smartflow app don't. 
The issue has no error messages at the iPad.
Tests were carried out during the period 5.45 - 6.25 pm EET (30 April 2019)
Is there some difference in the printing functionality iOs & SmartFlow?
Please, clarify the destination of the print request for Sharp MX-2640N.
The main purpose of this idea it's creating print status functionality in the SmartFlow app.
We need a response from the app if the document was printed successfully or not.
Thank you very much for your cooperation!
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  • May 9 2019
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