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Would like a new whiteboard view that summarises a larger amount of information

Would like to see these capabilities to allow for greater efficiency within their hospital;

What I would like is a new web view called ‘summary’ (or something else) to display essentially the following.

Sx (to do) - If the surgery task has not been completed, it will display a tick. Once the surgery task has been checked, the tick will be removed. If no surgery task, then not ticked.

Cage No - Direct from Patient notes. (Smart Flow does have this capability)

Dr (Doctor) - Direct from Patient notes. (Smart Flow does have this capability)

Patient - Direct from Patient notes. Could be selectable in settings, but we use patient name and client surname. Could also include here the weight, sex and image.

Procedure - Direct from Patient notes.Pre-Med - Displays the time the Pre-med was given and generated from Premed task action. Otherwise empty.Comments - This a little more tricky. Would like a notes section, different from the current notes for animal record. Could be related to discharge, caution status, boarding info, particular meds, nurse/vet case study etc. Short. This could be included in the patient notes maybe?

Discharge - Displays a tick if the patient is to be discharged by the vet. Could be linked to a Discharge task. If added to the patient, it becomes ticked on this view. See image attached

Sx - Use a task (Could in settings to select available (create new tasks that this is always linked to).Cage - Cage No.Dr - DoctorPatient - Patient Info (see additional image)Procedure - ProcedurePremed - As for 1.Comments - Not sure about using notes, depend on usage?Vet Discharge - As for 1.

Patient Display - All in Black lettering (Patient No could remain the same)

Would also expect the height of the rows to remain relatively static, so info is still retained at a readable size. Maybe 12 rows. Larger clinics could then use additional displays as necessary.

Would like to be able to set default display order with a quick link in the top corner, e.g. by Dr, Species, Sx. Currently this can only be done by going into the settings.
  • Jamie Crilly
  • Nov 11 2017
  • Open For Voting
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