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Caution On/Off, integration with EzyVet - sending to Smart Flow

Our hospital is integrated with Ezyvet.  In Ezyvet there are 4 options for labeling a patients demeanor/attitude while in the hospital: attitude unknown, Friendly, Unfriendly, CAUTION.  In SF there is CAUTION: On or CAUTION: Off.  When a patient is sent from Ezyvet to SF the following occurs with the integration:

attitude unknown = CAUTION:Off

Friendly = CAUTION: Off

Unfriendly = CAUTION: Off       **This one is an issue!  


Once a patient attitude is established, we update Ezyvet.  Triage patients and hospitalized patients are sent to SF, Unfriendly patients are coming over as CAUTION: Off, this is a liability for the team especially the ER and ICU team that need to assess/treat the patient quickly. This unclear exchange has resulted in staff injury.  

Ezyvet is unable to make a change in their system.  Can SF???

If not, we suggest SF update the system so that Unfriendly in Ezyvet = CAUTION: ON in SFS.


Thank You.


Alissa Shively, CVT - WRAH by Ethos Veterinary Health 

  • Alissa Shively
  • Jul 31 2019
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  • Alissa Shively commented
    August 31, 2019 00:21

    That would be great thanks!!!!

    Alissa Shively, CVT | Intensive Care Unit Technician

    Wheat Ridge Animal Hospital by Ethos Veterinary Health

    10140 W 44th Ave. Wheat Ridge, CO 80033

    P: 303-424-3325 | F: 303-420-8360 |

  • Admin
    Ben Nitschke commented
    August 30, 2019 19:37

    Hi Alissa,

    ezyVet sends us the patient information with the "Caution" parameter, so the logic for which "attitudes" are ON vs OFF is on their side.
    I'd be happy to speak directly with someone at ezyVet about this if you'd like.

    Courtenay (posing as Ben Nitschke!), Integrations Manager