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A quick way to jump between multiple patients being monitored under anesthesia

I work in a clinic where we may perform 40 spay/neuters a day. At one time, I may be monitoring anesthesia for three patients at one time. 

When I've finished recording vitals for a patient and need to switch to another I have to:

-Press the icon in the corner of the screen to return to the list of patients in our surgery whiteboard.

-The tablet screen is oriented in "portrait" and now is in "landscape". I have to rotate the tablet.

-I have to find the patient in oursurgery whiteboard. We may have 40 patients, so a manual search can take some time. If I use the search feature, the view is defaulted to all whiteboards which I reset back to just the surgery whiteboard.

-I then select the patient and then the anesthesia form.

-I rotate the tablet back to "portrait" to match the orientation of the anesthesia monitoring screen.

-I repeat these steps every 5 minutes for 4 hours of surgery time. Whew!

Idea... A button at the top of the anesthesia monitoring form that presents a selectable list of patients under anesthesia. Click the icon, click the other patient, and monitor on dude.

Oh. Would that make my day! What do you think?

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  • Aug 27 2019
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