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popup memo in chart

Occasionally I will have a question about a specific Patient that I won't know WHO to specifically ask.  If  I could just enter a brief popup memo,  that flags when you open a chart, that way when the person who may have the answer , sees it and can either memo the answer or come to me directly... for example.  It would save countless amount time trying to find the person that may or may not have the answer.  Or if it were a question that only the doctor can answer,  they would see the question pop up  and could answer it at their convenience.   (Coming from a Multiple Doctor/Staff  24 hour Hospital)

  • TrudyRenee Schooler
  • Sep 18 2019
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  • TrudyRenee Schooler commented
    25 Sep 19:01

    Sometimes the little things are important for successful Tx but may not be neccessarily be needed in the chart notes.  Like "does this patient like Peanut Butter?"  or" Did the Owner bring that toy ? "