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That you have the option to take a photo and make it non billable

Currently the staff take photos of CRI's, Fluids, BP etc and do not always want them to be billable but there is no option to say that you do not want the item billed. This means we have to take photos under another non billable parameter and they are not always obvious to find.

  • Kate Buckler
  • Oct 29 2019
  • Open For Voting
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  • Courtenay Watson commented
    30 Oct 23:06

    Depending on your PIMS, you can tap the photo after it's taken and switch Billing to "No", and the charge may be removed. It will come off the Billing PDF for sure. Does that help?

    Courtenay, Integrations Manager

  • Kate Buckler commented
    31 Oct 07:31

    Hi Courtenay,

    Thanks for replying. Maybe a sill question but what is the PIMS?! I'm not too good with the abbreviations! I have tried going back into the photo but there isn't an option to change the billing.