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Ability/Option to change already admitted EMR patient's weight from lbs to kgs

Hi SmartFlow team,

It's crucial to have an option to change patient's weight units after its admittance when it's done from EMR. Especially when it was sent to SmartFlow with incorrect units of weight.
To solved the problem of the patient admitted with incorrect weight units, we discharged the patient from Smart Flow, fixed the weight in EMR to kgs and then resent to Smart Flow, but this was not an easy workaround. 
Here is the explanation support team provided us with and we would really like to have it improved:
For now, the system works in the way that the weight Settings in SmartFlow make an impact on the patient created only on SmartFlow end without automatic admittance (e.g. EMR check-in request). As soon as the EMR system sends the patient's weight in lbs to SmartFlow, disregard current units of measurement set as kg, SmartFlow system receives a request to admit a patient from EMR and creates the patient with units of measurement received from PIMS accordingly. Considering this, there is no way to correct the patient's weight units on SmartFlow end after receiving.

Thank you in advance!

Junelle King
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  • Nov 25 2019
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