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If vitals type is "alpanumeric", allow user to specify input on Smart Flow parameter setup

Idea: the ability to restrict the entry type to something more restrictive than the type that the parameter is assigned in PIMS.

Implementation: Parameters Edit screen with everything that is there currently: EMR Name, Name, Default Section, Events, Pick Type, Vitals Type. But also something akin to “Smartflow Entry Type” Which I suppose would really only be applicable to the “Alphanumeric” option.


Respiratory rate setup in Cornerstone as a vital sign with an entry type of Alphanumeric (As the Practice may want to allow for an entry of “Panting”, or to add special characters such as “~”.) I also believe that this is the default configuration for Cornerstone for the Respiratory rate for Vital Signs.

Smart flow sees this and acts appropriately, but defaults to pop up the virtual Keyboard on the iPad pre filled with the Techs initials which has sometimes gotten glazed over and entered rather than an actual number being entered. Not the end of the world, but if there were an option for us to override the enter type for those, it would pop up the number pad for the techs and hopefully ensure that they put in correct information.

  • Justin Schroeder
  • Dec 6 2019
  • Open For Voting
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