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Ability to Batch a group of Treatments

Our clinic would appreciate a feature that would allow us to batch a group of instructions on our treatment sheets. Specifically, whenever one monitoring/procedures/etc item is ordered, a pre-programmed set of additional items would immediately follow. Here are 3 examples that immediately come to mind for our clinic:

1) Enter ' Critical ECG' under Monitoring and 'ECG' would prompt, followed by a line for a) #/VPCs/min , followed by b) BP

2) Initial Dx Database would prompt a) CBC, b) Chem17/lytes, c) UA, d) Rads and e) STAT consult, ..... each item needing it's own box for completion/initials

3) Procedure item 'Owners here to Discharge'.... the day an inpatient is ready for discharge the item is entered, the time selected for when the owners plan to pick up, and the tx sheet would then also automatically have the following procedure items added immediately below: a) DVM to finalize D/C, b) LVT to finalize invoice, c) Meds Reads TGH and 4) IVC removed

When this hypothetical batched set of tx items are added, it would still be possible to delete a line/tx as needed (or simply leave that line without highlight).

I am aware the 3rd example above is similar to the Workflow component of SmartFlow, and also familiar with how to create Workflow templates. However, our clinic honestly does not rely on the Workflow, but we preferentially monitor the tx sheet. Furthermore, having the items on the tx sheet allows us to see who completed the task as their initials have been recorded.
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  • May 19 2020
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    Ben Nitschke commented
    22 May, 2020 04:21pm

    Hi Jodi,

    Thanks for submitting this idea, I am pleased to say that this is already functionality we have with our "Add Treatments" feature.

    Kind regards,

    Ben Nitschke
    Product Manager

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