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This idea has been merged into another idea. To comment or vote on this idea, please visit SF-I-2297 An option to add .jpg files into the form.

Ability to add a "Take Picture" option for Patient forms. Merged

This could be very useful in using the SmartFlow Forms generation feature to provide Standardized Dentistry Discharge instructions in a consistent format. E.G Have the Patient information already filled into the Form, followed by A general text block and then a Section to Add in a Before & After Photo.

As Nursing staff will already have an iPad with them during a dental procedure, these photos could even be selected from the Photos attached to the Dental treatment chart.

This idea could also be adapted for the generation of many other client facing forms, such as Dermatology Progress forms, Boarding "Report cards" (With a picture of the Pet playing happily taken during their stay.), or surgical discharge instructions with a picture of the incision as it appeared when surgery was complete for Pet parents to reference. (e.g. "This is how the Incision should look, if it doesn't please contact us..."
  • Justin Schroeder
  • May 23 2020
  • Open For Voting
  • +1