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Having the ability to create parameters which include mini forms for doing calculations

Sometimes you want to have the parameters on the Tx sheet reflect the result of an assessment, without having to include all the details of how you arrived at the answer. For example, calculating a patient's fluid balance by using lines to enter the ins and outs from various sources can create a very long and cluttered sheet. If, instead, you could press the cell of a "fluid balance" line, and a small working form would pop up where you could enter all the data. The end result would tally, and the result would populate on that cell of the flowsheet. You could use this for pain scores as well, or anything that you need to calculate several factors for.

If you needed to see the calculation that was used to get the end result - you could tap on the cell and see the completed form.
The use of SmartFlow forms as they are now are not convenient for a busy hospital if you have to check a form and compare it to the tx sheet quickly. The forms also often don't get finalized, so it becomes an issue at discharge to go back and finalize the forms. If these small forms were right on the Tx sheet they would not need to be finalized.

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  • Oct 15 2020
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