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Make dosages not required -Medication calculator

The built in calculator is great, however making it required to fill out before inputting the medication is an annoyance and making it longer for us to fill out forms, and making template building difficult. Dosages change, and many dosages do not match the mg/ml concentration, and therefore it alarms even when a concentration and amount is inputted. Therefore, I have to input a random dosage when putting in templates, or I have to figure out the dosage so that it matches my amount.

I don't particularly use this calculator, as I have to rely on the weight being correct in smartflow, and I have to rely on the dosage already put in, which after inputting the correct weight, I have to make sure to refresh any that were already automatically calculated for me.

The calculator should be optional, perhaps with a minimize and maximize if you want to use it within the box. But definitely allow to be able to continue after only inputting an amount with concentration.

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  • Mar 10 2021
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