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Stop Moving to Next Highlighted Field

It sounds wonderful to have smartflow automatically jump to the next highlighted box as we perform treatments, HOWEVER, it ends up taking up more of our time than ACTUALLY being helpful. We do not always perform treatments in the order of the highlighted boxes, and more often than not, we end up performing things such as vitals even when its not a highlighted treatment, so we have to keep trying to scroll back UP in the sheet every time it moves onto the next highlighted area. It is quite inconvenient, ESPECIALLY when our iPads may lag a little due to heavy internet use in the hospital. Another reason why it is not convenient to have smartflow jump to other boxes is that plenty of times it actually jumps to random boxes. There have been several times (on a daily basis) where we are performing TPR and from the respiration it is supposed to jump to respiratory effort and when we type something in, it actually types it in some other treatment and ends up charging for it. It happens quite often on the app and we end up randomly typing up a note about a heart rate under some antibiotic treatment that we never selected. I am not sure if anybody has ever reached out to your team to complain about these two issues, but most of us here really do have issues with this. Also, most people do not usually try to take time and reach out to customer support, so I am speaking for plenty Smartflow users when bringing up this point to you guys. Smartflow is an awesome program but sometimes these minor details can be really frustrating during a busy work day. Maybe you guys can look into this and see for yourselves if it is worth maybe changing up the way it works a little!

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  • Aug 18 2021
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