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Deleting extra flow sheets

We realized you guys have taken away the deleting function. However, this can potentially cause problems to the system that these sheets are being uploaded to and it seems unnecessary to upload these extra sheets when some of them are blank and should just be deleted. We delete many blank flowsheets daily that were created in error since we are a very big hospital. There is no reason we should have to download these. Is there any way that you guys could create a delete button, possibly in red at the bottom left corner away from all the other links that way no will accidently delete the sheet. I also think the pop up window after clicking delete should be more bold and also in red. I realize that there are some people who have accidently deleted sheets in the past but I think you will get more phone calls or bug fixes now that you've taken that delete option away.
  • Nuphar Barak
  • Nov 11 2017
  • Open For Voting
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