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Ability to change patient info fields using single select dropdown menu

We would like to have an ability to change patient info fields using single select dropdown for the following items:

Cage Number

To modify the single line text field that these fields are currently set to they would (from an iPad) press edit and then press edit info.
If not is there any means to add fields that may be selected to display in the patient info section that can be single select drop downs?
It was requested to allow for quick selection of cage number and custom fields. My practice is a 24/7 emergency clinic. We use "cage number" to indicate the room number the client associated with a patient is in and "custom" to indicate the initials of the technician who triaged and is responsible for the room. I would like to have the ability to modify these field types and add drop down selections exactly like what is available currently for form custom fields. While it may not seem like it would take a great amount of time to populate these fields through keyboard entry, we are incredibly busy and every step we can streamline and reduce time on is incredibly helpful. If this is not technically possible due to system limitations would it be possible to allow for custom fields created under "parameters" to be added to the patient info section? Thanks! -Ryan
  • Ryan Levi
  • Nov 11 2017
  • Open For Voting
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