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How Emergency Drug Sheets are Saved

So I read the feature update that Emergency Drug records are now saved with the Anesthetic Record so as to comply with AAHA standard.... But that is not compliant with AAHA.

For all patients admitted to the hospital for hospitalization or procedure, there has to be an emergency drug sheet saved with their medical record. As an ER hospital, we have many patients where they are hospitalized without ever having need of an anesthetic procedure. This means no Anesthesia Sheet is generated, and as such it is not saving the ER Drug Sheet to the medical record for that patient. During my recent AAHA inspection, I actually lost points on this section because Smart Flow changed the way it was storing the ER Drug Sheet.

Is it possible to rectify this so AAHA accredited hospitals aren't required to continue printing out ER drug sheets from other sources in order to be compliant with the standard?
  • Spencer Fox
  • Nov 11 2017
  • Future consideration - waiting for 10 votes
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