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Apple TV Whiteboard App

I am not a huge fan of Google except Dr Google and the hilarious solutions clients bring to us. I am a fan of Apple (all things).

I would like an Apple TV app that allows for a persistent logon to the Whiteboard for display in our Prep room, Kennels, Cattery etc. This would allow for all things on the iPad's but not the anaesthetic sheet.

In doing so, a new setting could be added so that when staff open a treatment sheet for a patient and walk away, it will auto-close and return to the Whiteboard after a a period of time as selected in the settings.

With the new remote and iPhone/iPad remote apps, it is easy to mark tasks complete and check patient details. Saves the time of searching for iPads (we only have a couple of them at present).

Having the chrome cast adds a further layer of requiring a computer to cast the display and depending on the touching of the tab to remain un-touched. We also experience frequent 'casting' issues with Good signals!

An Apple TV would allow staff training of using Smartflow and other Apps to be mirrored, webinars to be mirrored etc too.
  • Jamie Crilly
  • Nov 11 2017
  • Open For Voting
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