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Whiteboard Views

Our customer Bruce recently sent us an email with the following suggestion:
Here's the scenario

When we have many patients on the whiteboard (over 20 or so like now), it will show pet name, the picture, and the phone number. But the problem seems to default to blank.
It would be much better if the phone number went blank and the problem list remained.

We have discussed it with our developers and this is the solution we have come up with.

We were thinking of making it customizable for people to select what they want to see on whiteboard and what could be hidden. Also this touches such words like "Patient", "Problem", "Tel", "Custom". They are probably not needed on whiteboard at all and just occupy valuable space.
We are currently working on this, and we will have a solution for you as early as November.
  • Ivan Zak
  • Nov 11 2017
  • Released
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