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Drug Withholding Period

We have got a new query from the Animal Ark Veterinary Centre, here it is:

"Some drugs have a withholding period eg can only be given every 24 hours or every 7 days. 

When users copy flowsheets from one day to the next it is very easy for a user to copy meds that have a withholding period. It would be good to prevent the user inadvertently adding medication to a treatment plan within a withholding period. 

This could be achieved by creating a new field in parameters called 'withholding period' and that field is then referenced to when the medication was last administered before it can be added to a flowsheet. 

To help with performance management/speed of smart flow, it should not be a compulsory field and that way the majority of medications will not need to be cross referenced."

Would this feature be useful for you also? Please let us know your thoughts!

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  • Sep 27 2017
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