Brilliant ideas for SmartFlow

Imagine you could make your own software? Please go ahead and describe what you would like us to develop for you. We will take ideas into consideration when they start gaining a few votes from other customers. You have 10 votes at your disposal. And once brilliant ideas you added (or just voted for) are announced as implemented - you will get your votes back.


"Share Button" for PDF downloads

A clinic requested the ability to have a "share" button on the iPad as a means of saving the patient's PDF files directly to Google Drive, which is how they would then incorporate them with their practice management software.

An example of the share button they have requested looks like this:

Which, when clicked, would bring up a list of options like this:

Is this something you could see yourself using as a clinic? What suggestions or concerns would you have with using this feature?
  • Ivan Zak
  • Nov 11 2017
  • Future consideration - waiting for 10 votes
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