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Note for specific treatment time

I'd like it if my doctors had the ability to add a note to a treatment at a specific time. For example, if we have a patient that is being hospitalized overnight after surgery on a fentanyl CRI at 4mcg/kg/hr, I want there to be a note at a midnight (3mcg/kg/hr) and 4 am (2mcg/kg/hr) to decrease the fentanyl to a specific dosage without making another line on the smartflow sheet.

  • Randall Beeman
  • Oct 11 2017
  • Open For Voting
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  • Admin
    Ben Nitschke commented
    December 05, 2017 12:11

    Hi Randall,

    Thank you very much for submitting an idea! Of course, the ability to add notes for specific treatment time would be beneficial for you. As a workaround, we would recommend you to point out such things in the "Instructions" field.

    This way you could aware all of your staff that a fluid should be decreased to a specific dosage at a certain time.

    Once the "Instructions" field is filled out - every time someone clicks cells regarding that treatment a little window with instructions gently reminds that the dosage should be decreased at a certain time: 

     We hope this helps!

  • Jenny Sonis commented
    May 29, 2018 02:25

    I realize that I can add notes under instructions; however, Randall's suggestion would be much better with less room for error. We also change instructions throughout the day on many line items and want to avoid having a paragraph of instructions to read through each time.